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AFRMA Fancy Rats - Non-Recognized Colors, Markings, & Coats

Some miscellaneous colors and markings of rats that have been produced by AFRMA breeders/seen at AFRMA shows but never standardized. There are many more out there.

See the AFRMA Official Color Standards Rat book for more.

Note: The pictures on this page are not meant to be true representatives of the animal’s color. Because of differences in monitors (CRT/LCD) and how the monitor is adjusted, the colors may be different. Seeing in person is always best.

Baldie  Banded  Capped-Stripe  Collared  English Irish/Irish  Snowflake  Tri-Color

BALDIE - Color Pattern 15, Triangle 15, Color Fading 10, Color 10
Baldie rats may be shown in any recognized color. Markings will be similar to Capped rats with a colored top of head and the rest of the body a pure clean white free from spots or brindling. The colored area to be clear of the nose tip and jaw line, extending a short way behind the ears. They will have a large white triangle between the eyes with a white line running from the point of the triangle to the white on the neck. Baldies are from Essex rats and color fading is normal.

[Accepted into Unstandardized April 28, 2007; removed from Accepted Proposed Unstd. December 1, 2012, and moved to Non-Recognized due to lack of entries.]

Genetics: Hroh

Note: Renamed from Baldie to Essex Capped in the N.F.R.S. in 2010.

Baldie Standard kitten rat owned and bred by Mayumi Anderson. Photo ©2007 Mayumi Anderson.
Baldie Rat
BANDED - To have a white band circling the body similar to Banded mice.

Genetics: from Hooded stock

Banded male (and his Hooded mom) owned and bred by Jean Eirich. Photo ©1993 Jean Eirich.

Read the information on Banded Rats.
Banded Rat
CAPPED-STRIPE - To have a cap and stripe of color down the spine broken at the neck. Stripe to be of moderate width and even in shape.

Genetics: hreh?

Blaze Capped-Stripe Standard owned and bred by Lorryta Bowker. Photo ©1997 Larry Ferris.

AFRMA Articles:

Research article:
“Pleiotropic Expression of the Restricted Coat-Color Gene in the Norway Rat” Laurence G. Gumbreck, Allan J. Stanley, Randolph M. Macy, E. Edward Peeples. Journal of Heredity, Volume 62, Issue 6, 1 November 1971, Pages 357–358.
Capped Stripe Rat
COLLARED - Markings to consist of a white ring encircling the body just behind the neck and just before the shoulders.

Genetics: ?? (usually from Dalmatian breedings)

Silver Black Collared Standard owned and bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©2008 Karen Robbins.
Collared Rat
ENGLISH IRISH/IRISH - A common pet marking. They have both the marking on the chest as well as the belly as the name implies, a.k.a. a lightly marked Berkshire. This is a marking that will not be standardized.

Black EI/I Standard owned and bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©2013 Karen Robbins.
EI/I Rat
SNOWFLAKE - To have small numerous spots of white on the belly with as many spots of white on the backside as possible.

Genetics: unknown, doesn’t breed as normal dominant or recessive

Note: Appeared in Helen Pembrook’s rattery, Viking Rat & Mouse Nest (VRMN), in 2004. Has appeared in other ratteries since (showed up in Dutch rattery of René Baastians in 2008; called stippeltjes in the Netherlands which means dots).

Snowflake Standard kitten owned and bred by Helen Pembrook. Photo ©2004 Craig Robbins.

Read the information on Snowflake Rats.
Snowflake Rat
“TRI-COLOR” - “Tri-Color” rats have 2 distinct colors plus white.

Genetics: an anomaly in the genes of the individual rat causing a change in color in one or more spots/areas

Note: These so far are either somatic mosaics or chimeras and not reproducible.

AFRMA articles for more on somatic mosaic and chimera:

Research articles:
Tri-Color Rat
Black or dark Chocolate male with “cocoaish” colored patch on the face, owned by Nicole Marlin. Photo ©2015 Karen Robbins.

Tri-Color Rat
Beige Berkshire Standard male with black streak on face, owned and bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©2002 Karen Robbins.

Tri-Color Rat
Black Hooded Standard female with dark Beige spot on back, owned by Robert Womack (found in pet shop). Photo ©2000 Karen Robbins.

Tri-Color Rat
Beige Capped-Stripe (no Cap) Standard male with 2 Fawn spots (one by right ear, other on right shoulder (base of Beige color), owned by Lorryta Bowker. Photo ©1998 Craig Robbins.

Tri-Color Rat
Agouti Standard with half Fawn face, owned by Michelle Gallati. Photo ©1989 Karen Hauser.

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