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AFRMA Challenge Trophy Winners 1997

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1997 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners
Best in Show Silly Putty D.E. Hairless Lorryta Bowker
Best Standard BMR Beethoven White/Beige Odd-Eye Carissa Cosley
Best Tailless MB Elvira’s Kissen Black Self Std. Carissa Cosley
Best Hairless Silly Putty D.E. Self Lorryta Bowker
Best Self in Show Silly Putty D.E. Self Hairless Lorryta Bowker
Best AOC in Show Vocally Agouti Standard Denise Squires
Best AOCP in Show BMR Fancy Pants Silver Lilac Merle Standard Carissa Cosley
Best Marked in Show CJR Sweetie Pie Berkshire Hairless Gina Hendricks
Best Odd-Eye in Show BMR Beethoven White/Beige Standard Carissa Cosley
Best Stud Buck BR Odo Silver Lilac Merle Standard Lorryta Bowker

1997 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners
Best in Show KKE1410-2 Champagne Tan Standard Karen Robbins
Best Standard KKE1410-2 Champagne Tan Karen Robbins
Best Satin TS SPS SAT-1 Seal Point Siamese AOCP Karen Robbins
Best Frizzie Satin SMRM Dusty Blue Self Michelle Collie
Best Hairless SMRM Mr. Clean D.E. Self Carissa Cosley
Best Self in Show BMR Ton Teen P.E. White Satin Carissa Cosley
Best Tan/Fox in Show KKES1403-B Tommy Beige Fox Satin Nichole Royer
Best Marked in Show SMRM Harmony Black Broken Standard Michelle Collie
Best English TD Queen of Hearts B.E. Cream Self Standard Carissa Cosley
Best Most Matched Pair KKE1410-2 & KKE1410-3 Champagne Tan Standards Karen Robbins

Stud Names 1997

BMR=Blue Moon Rats/Carissa Cosley
BR=Bowkerats/Lorryta Bowker
CJR=Crystal Jack Rattery/Jackie Jennings
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
MB=Moonbeam Rattery/Melodee Moon
SMRM=Sequoias Mt. Rats & Mice/Michelle Collie
TD=Turnbaugh Design Mousery/Julie Turnbaugh
TS=Tina Shahroody

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