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The purpose of the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association shall be to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice. All rat and mouse fanciers are urged to join, as the exhibitions are held under the patronage of AFRMA. In addition, AFRMA has several attractive Challenge Trophies that are put up for competition at the Annual Show in January, which are strictly confined to members. Shows are held in Southern California.

Annual dues for members are: Individual or Family (same household) $25; Canada US$30; Overseas US$35.

Membership also includes a subscription to AFRMA's newsletter Rat & Mouse Tales, Bylaws, Show Regulations & Standards book, Directory, Membership Card, Show Schedules (to those that plan on participating), and any other material sent out by AFRMA. Family membership includes one mailing of each of the above with the exception that each member receives a membership card.

It is the duty of all members to support the shows, enlist new members, and do everything they can to assist and promote the progress of the Association in particular and the rat and mouse fancy in general. Your help and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Newsletters (currently online full color PDF only)

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AFRMA Directory (currently PDF only)

AFRMA Bylaws (comes in PDF format)

In making this application for membership to the American Fancy Rat and
Mouse Association, I/we agree to, if accepted into membership by the Board of
Directors, abide by and be bound by the rules set by the Association.

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Make your Money Order/Cashier’s Check payable to AFRMA
(NO personal checks), and send to:
AFRMA Secretary
9230 64th Street
Riverside, CA 92509-5924

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Updated March 17, 2020