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Fern Rat cage with Water Bottle

Fern Rat Cage with Water Bottle
#950 3-shelf Cage with Cat Litter Pan Bottom

Wire part: 17.5" x 10" x 24" tall; bottom pan 23" x 18" x 6.5" tall

(good condition; normal wear)

White powder coated. Made with ½" x 1" wire mesh with ½" x ½" mesh ramps. Has three 4" wide solid metal shelves and three 2" wide ramps; large 7" x 7" door opening with one latch; 6½" deep plastic pan (not chewed) that is the floor of the cage the cage sits inside of, with clips; 1 carry handle.
Makes a good temporary cage, vacation cage, or use for small dwarf rats.

Fern 950 Rat cage

Available for pick up in Riverside, CA or Winnetka, CA

Please contact AFRMA for payment and pickup

August 30, 2023