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Jack Ball Roan Mice
Photos from Jack Ball, San Jose, CA, 1986
[We now call this pattern Merle; “Blue roan” is a Black Merle]

Blue Roan
Two excellent Blue Roans with black spots. Two of my best—and my favorite color. I’ve kept back a lot of young stock out of these two. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Black Merle]
Blue and Chocolate Roan
Two young (weaning age) Roans. (left) Blue Roan with black patches (Right) Dark Choc. Roan with Choc. patches (tan belly). These are the colors I get mostly—or Roan with no dark patches. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Black Merle and Chocolate Merle]
Blue Roan
Young Black-spotted Blue Roan female. I wanted to show her excellent bright Tan belly color here. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Black Merle]
Lilac Roan Two Gray or “Lilac” Roan females (red-eyed). Darker Gray on a lighter Gray-Roan background. They are more dramatic when seen in person. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Lilac Merle]
Chinchilla Roan
Chinchilla Roan male mouse, very difficult to get one this good. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Chinchilla Merle]
Chinchilla Roan
Chinchilla Roan female. She darkened with age and got better. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Chinchilla Merle]
Chocolate Roan
A dark Choc. Roan male with a bright orange belly. He was a son of the Tortoise Shell mouse. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Chocolate Merle]
Chocolate Roan
A lightly roaned Choc. Roan with Choc. patches. These are not as pretty as the darker ones with a more defined roan ticking. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball. [Chocolate Merle]
Red Etch
The one-and-only “Red Etch” female mouse. Now deceased. She failed to produce anymore “etch” mice. Photo ©1986 Jack Ball.
Tortoise Shell
One-of-a-kind: Tortoise Shell female mouse (Choc. with Orange patches). She was a wonderful mouse but never produced another Tortoise Shell (now deceased). Photo ©1986 Jack Ball.

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