American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Show Results for 2015 Mice & Other Classes
January 31 ANNUAL SHOW: 42 entries
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Best In Show (22)OS01 KKEXX3900-1Chocolate Self StandardKaren Robbins
Standard (19)OS01 KKEXX3900-1Chocolate SelfKaren Robbins
Self (10)OS01 KKEXX3900-1ChocolateKaren Robbins
AOC (1)OS01 KKE2-3923-1Silver BlueKaren Robbins
AOCP (8)OS01 KKEXX3942-1Blue Point SiameseKaren Robbins
Frizzie (3)CKCR SiameseBlue Point Siamese AOCP LHRobin Brown-Tim
Kitten (2)OS01 KKEXX4000-ABlue Point Siamese AOCP StandardKaren Robbins
Brood Doe (4)OS01 KK3943-1Splashed AOCP StandardKaren Robbins
Most Matched Pair (3)OS01 KKEXX3984-A &
OS01 KKEXX3984-B
Himi AOCP StandardsKaren Robbins
Progeny: Produce of Dam (POD) (2)Dam: OS01 KKEXX3947-2Champagne Self StandardKaren Robbins
Stud Buck (6)OS01 KKEXX3994-ALilac Self StandardKaren Robbins
English (3)OS01 KKEXX3947-2Champagne Self StandardKaren Robbins
April 25 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 0 entries
no entries   
June 27 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 0 entries
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October 24 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 0 entries
no entries   
OTHER (Artwork/Misc. Pet Classes)
January 31 ANNUAL SHOW: 3 entries
Theme Costume Adult (1)SMW Moshe JrRat: Minnie Mouse in the GardenIrina Zabula
Kooky Kontainer Adult (1) Cardboard CutoutPatricia Wexler
Drawings/Paintings Youth age 7–11 (1)CKCR PennyRat: “Penny the Rat”Wyatt Wexler
April 25 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 1 entry
Photos Adult (1)DBR Itzik Jr Irina Zabula
June 27 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 3 entries
Costume Adult (1)DBR Belle-BelleRat: CinderellaLisa Jarosek
Drawings/Paintings Adult (1)Todd & CopperPaintingSarah Albee
Photos Adult (1)DBR Itzik JrEating CakeIrina Zabula
October 24 FANCY SHOW & PET SHOW: 1 entry
Photo Adult (1)DBR Itzik JrPumpkin PatchIrina Zabula

Mouse Stud Names 2015

CKCR=Charming Kritter Cottage Rattery/Robin Brown-Tim
DBR=Doll Baby Rattery/Lisa Jarosek
KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins
SMW=Small World Rattery/Holly Daub

Official Studs/Registered Mouseries

OS01: KK=Karen’s Kritters/Karen Robbins

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Updated February 6, 2016