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Mouse Ear DQs

Some mice with various pieces of their ears missing and one with a torn ear that would be a disqualification (DQ) on the show bench.

Siamese Splashed mouse
A Siamese Splashed mouse with a chunk out of its right ear. Photo ©2008 Karen Robbins.
Ivory Standard mouse
This 6-week-old Ivory Standard male mouse has a hole in his ear and the edge is not round. Photo ©2006 Karen Robbins.

Extremely light Champagne Standard mouse
The bottom edge of the right ear is missing on this 17-day-old extremely light Champagne Self Standard male mouse. Photo ©2010 Karen Robbins.
Champagne Standard mouse
This 10-week-old Champagne Self Standard male mouse has a large chunk out of his ear. Photo ©2015 Karen Robbins.
Chocolate Standard mouse
The outside edge of the right ear is missing on this 5-month-old Chocolate Self Standard female mouse. Photo ©2012 Karen Robbins.
PEW Satin mouse
This 5-week-old PEW Self Satin female mouse has half of her ear missing. Photo ©2011 Karen Robbins.

Mouse with torn ear
A 13-week-old mouse with a torn ear. Photo ©2019 Linda von Hanneken.
Mouse with half of an ear
An 8-day-old Champagne mouse with half of an ear. Photo ©2018 Karen Robbins.

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Updated June 15, 2021