American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Official Affiliations

Clubs that use AFRMA Standards and Show Procedures but are independent in the operations of their own club.

To become an AFRMA Official Affiliate club, fill out the application form and send the fees to the AFRMA Secretary.
Official Affiliate Club application - Online form with PayPal™

Official Affiliate Club Rules

Adopted by the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

  1. Any Official Affiliate club of AFRMA must use the judging and show procedures and Standards of AFRMA. It is the responsibility of the affiliate club to write a standard for any animals they have that are not recognized by AFRMA. Affiliate clubs will use their own bylaws and operate their own club.
  2. All Official Affiliate clubs must health check all animals and copy AFRMA show procedures.
  3. All Official Affiliate clubs must use AFRMA Official Show Standards in all judging.
  4. Official Affiliate clubs must use AFRMA Show Boxes or the clear pet carriers (1 gallon size for mice; 2–3 gallon size for rats) in their shows (one animal per container).
  5. A club seeking to become an AFRMA Official Affiliate club shall be voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. No Affiliate club shall use the name American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association or AFRMA in their name. No Official Affiliation will be issued without the club's outlined procedures being adhered to, and any affiliate questioned must have the approval of the AFRMA Board of Directors. [amended September 25, 2016]
  6. Official Affiliate clubs shall pay a chapter fee of $70 and said fee must accompany application for Official Affiliation. An annual renewal fee of $30 shall be paid each year.
  7. Official Affiliate clubs will be required to send AFRMA copies of their show reports/results of their shows.
  8. Official Affiliate clubs are responsible for their own ribbons and awards at all shows. Animals winning Official Affiliate club shows may be given the title of "AFRMA Affiliate Grand Champion" and "AFRMA Affiliate Champion" and are not eligible for AFRMA certification. Animals not recognized by AFRMA may not be given the title of AFRMA Affiliate Grand Champion/AFRMA Affiliate Champion.
  9. An Official Affiliate, once issued, shall be in force forever unless revoked by this association for just cause, or being voided for failure to pay a renewal fee. Failure to pay the renewal fee within sixty (60) days of the original date of application of each year shall result in the affiliate being declared null and void.
  10. Official Affiliate Judges [at least one affiliate judge of each species the club caters to (rats and/or mice)] must attend an AFRMA show for a mini training and observe the process within 6 months of being accepted as an Official Affiliate club.

Unofficial Affiliations

For unofficial affiliations, the Show Procedures packet may be purchased separately for $41.95

(Non-U.S. orders: Please contact AFRMA for shipping costs)

This contains the program files to do computerized online entries and the computer files of the various forms we use (with Word and Excel files), Show Secretary paperwork, samples of all the paperwork we use to run a show (including PDF copies)—taking entries, judging, clerking/stewarding, show awards, doing health checking, sales of animals, etc., and a copy of the latest Show Regulations & Standards book. It also has information on starting a club and doing displays. This packet is also good to use as a basis for another club to set up their own paperwork for their shows.

We have several articles on starting a club in our Starting A Club section on the Show Index page that should help get something started in your area.

Updated January 10, 2023