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As a member you receive AFRMA’s magazine-style newsletter Rat & Mouse Tales (currently available in online digital (PDF) full color). It contains articles, stories, questions, medical information, genetics info., ads, show results, photos, etc. You will also receive a subscription to our e-news newsletter AFRMA Pitter Patter. Membership also includes the Bylaws, Show Regulations & Standards Book, Directory, membership card, and other informative materials.

Members also get discounts to AFRMA publications, AFRMA Varieties & Colors Posters, Pet Registries, back issues of AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales, entries for shows as well as being able to sell at our shows, and the ability to advertise on our Member’s Breeders page on our web site (placing an ad on the online Members’ Breeders’ list is not the same as becoming an Official Registered Breeder). Breeder members will get their rattery/mousery name listed for free on our AFRMA Rattery/Mousery Names Page, and those that will be exhibiting in the AFRMA show classes as well as getting their animals Evaluated, can also have the ability to sign up as an Official Registered Rattery/Mousery.

Membership good for one year from the time of joining.

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Use this online application form for memberships only and pay with PayPal
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AFRMA Membership & Breeder List Application

Use this combined membership application/breeder list form to join and place a breeder’s ad—new or renewal. Placing an ad on the web site is not the same as becoming an Official Registered Breeder.

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Use this online application form for your membership and breeder ad and pay with PayPal
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Membership & Breeder List Application
See the Rattery/Mousery Names page to make sure your Rattery/Mousery name and initials are unique and never been used.

Breeders, please read A Responsible Breeder’s Code of Ethics page before applying.

Breeders should be testing and practicing proper quarantine with any new stock brought in as some diseases have no symptoms.

Updated February 9, 2023