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Lots of neat stuff for Rat and Mouse Lovers!

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Return Address Labels - Rats Valentine Rat  Christmas Rat
Bumper Stickers
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Have you hugged your rat today?
I Love Mice  Have you hugged your mouse today?
Award Bumper Stickers
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Award Winning Rat  Award Winning Mouse  Award Winning Mouse
AFRMA Note Cards:
Rat Cards
Mouse Cards
Christmas Cards
Siamese Rat  Happy Hooded  Frizzie Satin Mouse
Christmas Stocking  Rat Flower  Happy Birthday  Chinese New Year New!
AFRMA Notepaper Pack: Chinese New Year New!
Rat/Mouse Set
Rat Set
Mouse Set
Chinese New Year set  Rat/Mouse set  Rat set  Mouse set
Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate 
Pedigree Forms Pedigree Form - Front  Pedigree Form - Back
AFRMA Publications
Book Bundles
Breeding book
Rat Genetics Book
Mouse Genetics Book
Rat Color Standards Book
Mouse Color Standards Book  Newly updated!
Standards Book  Newly Updated!
Directory  Sold Out
Jr. Showmanship Handbook
AFRMA Breeding Book 2012 v.2  AFRMA Rat Genetics Book 2012  AFRMA Mouse Genetics Book 2012 AFRMA Official Rat Color Standards Book 2019  AFRMA Official Mouse Color Standards Book 2020
AFRMA Standards Book 2020  AFRMA Directory 2016  AFRMA Junior Showmanship Book
Rat Health Care book
Rat Health Care Book
Critters USA® magazine
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