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This article is from the WSSF 2016 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Beginners’ Corner

Bloated Rats

By Karen Robbins

Robin Brown-Tim, Charming Kritter Cottage Rattery (CKCR), CA, Facebook
Q What could cause bloating or how to try and relieve it? I believe it is food related. Three different rats from different lines. They are not bloated now since being home (they had been at the show). I did have one at home that was also bloated. Could have been because they gorged? They don’t have a communicable virus, right? I’m just trying to learn how to identify the cause and prevent it.

A Depends on if it is genetic or environmental (what they are eating). If the bloat is genetic, then euthanasia is recommended. If from diet, then change the diet. One time I saw a bloated rat and it was because it had been out of food, then when it got food, gorged itself and had a bloated/full belly. The other times I’ve seen bloated rats were from genetics (bloat).

Diarrhea can be from bloat, diet, or illness. Too much fresh food can cause diarrhea or things like too much peanut butter mixed with applesauce (was done to try and put on weight on babies) or too much rich food like cat food.

If the rats are all different, not related, and you changed the food/gave them something different, then it could be that. Stop giving any new food/treats and if the rats clear up, then it is definitely food issues. This would definitely not be contagious. *

January 4, 2019