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This article is from the WSSF 2014 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Beginners’ Corner

Neutering Mice; Rat Nest

By Karen Robbins

Neutering Mice

Tanya Larry Reeder, Facebook
QIt’s been appreciated receiving your advice over the past 2 months of raising my two orphan wild mice boys. But I’m at a new hump and I just can’t find many mouse owners to help me. At 8 weeks they still got along with the occasional spats, like Hopper didn’t want Peanut in his cave as he was digging tunnels; they did chase one another. However, now 2 weeks later, separation took place yesterday as I found Peanut with scratches on his back. My boys get neutered on the 21st; this was a decision based on high hopes they could continue living together. My question is, after the neutering do you think my boys can be reunited? And if not, could I introduce females as company for them since they won’t be able to reproduce? Or do they fight with females? I’ve done a lot of research, and truth is each site has its own answer and are mainly different ones so its quite confusing. Again, any advice is appreciated.

AYou will have to try putting them back after they are all healed from the surgery and see if they will go back together, otherwise getting females for company would be the best bet. They shouldn’t fight with females.

Update: Introducing Hopper to females didn’t work, he hated it! Drew blood on them and was happy once I removed him from the girls.

Surprised to hear he didn’t want anything to do with females but if he is happy alone, then that is good.

Rat Nest

From our Files
QIs it unnatural for a rat to sleep in a covered, shaded nest?

Rats in box
These two big males, a Black Berkshire and Russian Blue Variegated, snoozing in a tissue box. Rats owned and bred by Karen Robbins. Photo ©2013 Karen Robbins.

AIn the wild, rats live in tunnels and dens. They do like a nest to sleep in to feel secure. Rats are opportunists and will turn almost any cozy secluded spot into a house such as a cardboard box. They also enjoy hammocks, large cardboard tubes, and store bought houses to sleep in. *

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July 14, 2017