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This article is from the WSSF 2018 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

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Scientific Names of Rat Varieties; World’s Fattest Mouse

By Karen Robbins

Scientific Names of Rat Varieties

Eva Christina Cerda, Facebook
Q I am doing Masters of Science in Zoology. I am focusing on pet rats. I was wondering if you could assist. I have visited the AFRMA page but it doesn’t say much. I would like to be assisted with the scientific names of rat varieties, especially Himalayan rats. I will appreciate your help.

A The scientific name of all pet domestic rats is Rattus norvegicus. There are no scientific names for the different colors/markings/coat types within the species, just the names the fanciers/clubs/scientists have given them. We have a taxonomy poster we use at our displays with the details of the species. There is a research paper about Himi/Siamese rats Himalayan allele at the albino locus in the Norway rat, not sure if that helps.

Mouse on scale
World’s Fattest Mouse

Monica Markel, Facebook
Q Does anyone know what the record is for the world’s fattest mouse? She weighed 3.5 oz when she stopped walking.

A Some of the big show mice will get that big without being fat. Other types such as the dominant fawn will get fat due to their genes. You can check with the Guinness World Records people to see if they have that info. *

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April 20, 2019