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Miscellaneous Beddings

These pages are to give you a visual representative of the different types of bedding offered for small animals. AFRMA is not endorsing any bedding type.

Corn Cob
Corn Cob
Corn Cob Bedding comes in 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch size.
Swheat Scoop®
Swheat Scoop®

Swheat Scoop® is ground up wheat. It is a clumping litter and is very fine.
Critter Country
Critter Country

Winter wheat grass and other fibers pelleted bedding.
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Eco-Straw Litter
Eco-Straw Pellets

Compressed high-fiber wheat straw from Oxbow.
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Rabbit Pellets
Rabbit Pellets
The stuff you feed rabbits–can be used as a temporary bedding.
Swheat Stall
Swheat Stall Pellets
Pellets made from aspen wood particles and ground wheat. From the makers of Swheat Scoop.
Rice Hulls
Rice Hulls bedding

Rice hulls bedding.
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SmartStraw bedding
SmartStraw™ bedding. Chopped wheat straw that has been heat treated.

The Andersons ¼ inch Bed-o’Cobs corn cob + Enrich-n’Nest paper rolls for enrichment.

The Andersons pelleted corn cob.

You can read more about most of these beddings at Critter Critiques: Cage Litter Comparison Review,
The Bedding Dilemma, Part 2, and The Bedding Dilemma, Part 3. *

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Updated December 19, 2019