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BioFresh™ Performance & Performance Plus Bedding Review
BioFresh™ Performance and Performance Plus Bedding

BioFresh™ (the new laboratory division of Healthy Pet®; was formerly CareFRESH® lab bedding) laboratory bedding is scientifically engineered to suppress ammonia formation up to twice as long as traditional laboratory bedding giving longer change-out intervals, keeping animals cleaner and drier. Additionally, the bedding doesn’t pack down, get mushy or cake up when it is wet making an easier clean up. The soft cellulose (CareFRESH® Ultra™) in the Performance Bedding Plus has an added benefit of enrichment so small animals stay mentally and physically active and promotes a better environment for the animals. BioFresh™ brand small animal products are manufactured under strict controls to provide the best animal care. Overall, BioFresh™ products are efficacious, precise, safe, and environmentally-friendly. BioFresh™ Performance and Performance Plus has outstanding odor control, absorbs more than 2.5x its weight,is less abrasive than cob or wood, and comes in ⅛ inch or ¼ inch pellets.

BioFresh™ Performance ¼ inch bedding
BioFresh™ Performance ¼ inch bedding.
BioFresh™ Performance Plus bedding
BioFresh™ Performance Plus bedding.
BioFresh™ Performance Bedding

Jozzette Hagemann, Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery
BioFresh Performance bedding ⅛ inch is great. It has the best absorbency I have seen. Great odor control. It’s the only kind I like for several animals per cage.

BioFresh™ Performance Plus Bedding

Jozzette Hagemann, Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery
BioFresh Performance Plus bedding is great for nesting mice. My rats didn’t use the white soft additive for nests. Still great stuff.

NOTE: BioFresh Performance™ and BioFresh™ Performance Plus bedding is manufactured by Healthy Pet® (formerly Absorption Corp.), 6960 Salashan Parkway, Ferndale, WA 98248, phone number (360) 734-7415, e-mail *

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Updated April 20, 2019