American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

This article is from the Winter 1998 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Critter Critiques

Green Pet Products Inc.—Odor Control Bedding

By Carmen Jane Booth, D.V.M.

Iwas asked to review the product testing information by one of the AFRMA members. After careful review of the product information, these products appear to be safe for use as bedding in rodents. As far as their claims for odor control, I question the use of subjective methods (olfaction - smell) for detection of ammonia. Does the product simply mask the ammonia smell, or does it prevent the formation of ammonia? Did the person doing the olfactory testing know which sample was treated or untreated? This information was not provided in the information packet.

In my opinion, cages need to be cleaned frequently to prevent ammonia levels from becoming irritating to the respiratory tract of the animal(s)s in the cage. If a product simply masks the odor of ammonia but does not prevent ammonia formation, than the potential is for the cages to be cleaned less frequently by the owner which may negatively affect the health of the animal(s). I have not actually seen or used this product myself. Several people who have seen the rodent product (Clean-N-Comfy™), found the odor offensive. I would suggest that interested persons contact the company and try it for themselves. *

July 18, 2014