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Love Mash™ Review
Love Mash™ soft pellets
Love Mash™ soft pellets from the Bio-Serve® web site.
Love Mash™ Rodent Reproductive Diet

Love Mash™ is a supplemental diet of soft pellets of random lengths and ½″ diameter, specifically designed to support reproductive performance in rats and mice. Feeding Love Mash™ produces measurable results in improved fertility for both males and females, increased litter size, and increased pup survival rate. Love Mash™ has been successfully used with the most difficult breeders. The product’s success is the result of a simple formulation (oatmeal, cod liver oil, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, corn syrup), which relies on the fat composition of the diet paired with the method of delivery (foraging). This foraging opportunity can decrease the dam’s stress, thereby enhancing milk production and pup survival rate.

The diet is fed as a supplement to the animal’s standard diet by placing 2–4 pellets on the floor of the cage every other day starting 2 weeks prior to breeding and continued through weaning for enhanced milk production. Love Mash™ also provides edible enrichment by giving the animals the opportunity to forage.

Love Mash™

Jozzette Hagemann, Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery
I have a rare line of gorgeous rats. They are awesome but very difficult to breed...many times I won’t ever get a litter out of them. Luckily I found VWR magic cure, Love Mash [made by Bio-Serv®, Ed.] I had a doe that never got pregnant after being with several males. I followed directions and fed them Love Mash and a few weeks later she was finally pregnant! Try it! Thank you VWR!

NOTE: Love Mash™ is manufactured by Bio-Serv®, 3 Foster Lane, Suite 201, Flemington, NJ 08822, (800) 996-9908. The web site is:

VWR (Van Waters Rogers, now owned by Avantor) web site for Love Mash™. *

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Updated April 20, 2019