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This article is from the WSSF 2007 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Critter Critiques

Nestlets™ Nesting Material Review

By Karen Robbins

One square of Nestlets bedding
This is one square of the cotton Nestlets™, Made by Ancare. (

Nestlets™ was reviewed in the Spring 2003 issue by Cindy Stratton with her rats. In this review I will concentrate on the mice. These are small squares that come on a sheet 12″ x 12″ with scored squares 2″ x 2″ size. They are manufactured from pulped virgin cotton fibre, sterilized during manufacture, and clean packed. They are packed in cartons containing 100 sheets and cost $124 per carton or 3¢ per square.

I tried these out on several cages of mice and about half used them, the other half didn’t like them. With the numbers of cages that I have, I find that shredded napkins work just as well and are cheaper for my use and all of my mice use this for nesting.

Nestlets™number of cages
and used
sort of
shredded but
didn’t use
didn’t use
at all
groups of
1 male/several
1 male/1 female1   
pg/new mom1   
moms w/babies1 not until
babies 3
weeks old;
1 not until
babies 4
weeks old
single male 2 used

NOTE: Nestlets™ is made by Ancare, P.O. Box 814, Bellmore, NY 11710, 1-800-645-6379. Their web site is *

Updated May 4, 2015