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Rescue™ Cleaner Review
Rescue™ Concentrate
Rescue™ Concentrate from the Virox® web site.
Rescue™ Concentrate

Rescue™ Concentrate is a disinfectant cleaner with powerful surfactants (detergents) that effectively cleans while it disinfects and disinfects while it cleans. Depending on the dilution rate, it is a broad spectrum non-food contact surface sanitizer, bactericide, fungicide, or virucide. It is effective against a broad spectrum of difficult-to-kill pathogens in only 5 minutes. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing environmental impact. It is safe to use in any kind of animal housing facility or area where animals will be as well as on their equipment.

Rescue™ Cleaner

Jozzette Hagemann, Jozzy’s Rat Pack Rattery
I just want to recommend Rescue Cleaner to people who have critters. It is an accelerated hydrogen peroxide veterinary cleaner that is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. It comes in concentrate form and you mix it with water. It’s really great and deodorizes as well. It is not too strong for my rodents. It has a higher germicidal potency and cleaning performance than other cleaners. It can be used in animal shelters, breeding facilities, veterinarian offices, laboratories, surgical suites, or anywhere that frequents animals. I’ve been using this cleaner in my rattery and it completely sanitizes everything. I also have noticed that my rats are healthier. I bought a gallon on Amazon for $50 and it has lasted me 9 months so far and I’m not even halfway through it. I highly recommend this product.

NOTE: Rescue™ Concentrate is manufactured by Virox® Technologies Inc., 2770 Coventry Road, Oakville, ON L6H 6R1, Canada, 1-800-387-7578. *

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April 20, 2019