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This article is from the WSSF 2007 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Happy Play Time

By Cathleen Schneider-Russell

Curious! Inquisitive! Energetic! Do these words describe your rat or mouse? Playing is something that our precious darlings take into a new dimension of pure JOY!

In order to maintain their good health, in addition to stimulating their spectacular intelligence and curiosity, rats must have out of cage time, at least once a day.

We purchased an awesome product—The Grrreat Wall from KV Vet Supply. It’s a 20″ tall X 18′ long plastic roll. It conforms to any space, just unroll and fasten the ends together with the Velcro strap. Place their favorite toys inside, do include yourself, and prepare for a totally fun playtime.

There are many exciting toys that can be made from common items or purchased from pet catalogs or pet stores.

Homemade toys:
  • Our little Olaf just loved an old towel with holes in it. He spent 10 minutes or longer playing hide-and-seek, pounce, stealth stalker, and peek-a-boo, all with that old towel. Make sure holes are big enough they can’t get caught in them.
  • Cardboard shipping tubes and/or white PVC pipe joints make great tunnels.
Rat in Playpen
This rat is having fun in a PVC pipe in a playpen. Photo by Karen Robbins.

  • 12-pack soda can boxes and/or Kleenex boxes are delightful hiding/nesting places that are safe to shred and easy to replace (make sure you remove all plastic inserts).
Baby rats in Sodabox
A litter of baby rats enjoying a soda can box. Rats owned by Karen Robbins. Photo by Craig Robbins.

  • Paper towels make inexpensive bedding material. Little Daisy Mae loved to dash about with a paper towel—so hilarious!
  • Any hard plastic containers or jars are great for climbing and hiding.

Rat in PVC Pipe
This rat is having fun in a PVC pipe. Photo by Larry Ferris.

Sharing that quality playtime brings the beautiful reward of truly enjoying those happy moments with our loving cuties.

NOTE: The Grrreat Wall (and Pet Corral™) web site is *

Berkshire rat checking out an oatmeal container.
Berkshire rat checking out an oatmeal container. Drawing by Sheryl Leisure.

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June 2, 2015