American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

This article is from the Nov./Dec. 1990 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.


Dedicated to Every Rat, Everywhere: Someone Special

By Michael Emerson

Small, furry and bright you see.
Gentle, warm and loving is he.
Yet, he is shunned by most of society.
Loyal as loyal can be. None other more, is loyal than he.

Truly man’s best friend by far.
Though short lived he is,
he will bring you joy unselfishly.
Never thinking of himself but of his human friend.
Loving you every day of his life from
the beginning to the very end.

So he’s not a bird or a dog or a cat,
he is special and unique.
He’s the world’s best RAT! *

July 20, 2018