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This article is from the WSSF 2007 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Movie Review


By Valerie Stoldt, AFRMA member

A rat lover’s critique of the Disney-Pixar movie, Ratatouille

I doubt it needs explaining that the Disney-Pixar movie, “Ratatouille” is about a wild rat named Remy who has a nose for food and a talent for cooking. The movie is set in Paris, France (listen for the rude French joke). Like so many rat lovers, I wanted to see the movie so much that I bought an advanced ticket for opening day of Ratatouille. Rat lovers will rejoice in a movie that captures many of the unique behaviors of rats that others may miss. I know this to be true because I laughed at a number of things that others did not. The wonderful ability of the rat to run, jump, climb, and swing like a well trained acrobat are consistent throughout the movie. My favorite attributes of the rats depicted in the movie were the sounds. The squeaks of the rats were not the typical movie sounds that rat lovers know are inaccurate. Better than the squeaks were the sounds of the rats’ feet as they scamper and run. Listen; and you will recognize the sound. It just so happens that the sound of my rats running around when they are out for play brings a smile to my face. I found the movie causing me to smile that same smile frequently.

Like every Disney movie, there is a dark side to the film. The relationship between rat and human is the basis of both the happy and dark sides of the movie. Of course, the good overcomes the bad and all is right in one tiny little piece of the world. The movie ends with a view of a sign silhouetted against a sunset in Paris. It is this scene that caused me to tear. Perhaps you will too when you feel someone else understands the beauty of rats and the value of their relationships with the humans who care for them.

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Updated March 23, 2016