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Contagions Between Mice And Rats

Sariah Lily Jones, Facebook
QAre there any contagions transferrable between mice and rats or am I being overly cautious quarantining my new rats from my mouse?

AWhile most viruses and bacteria are species specific, there are a few that both rats and mice can get, so quarantining is always a good thing. Also, some parasites can be transferred between species.

Karen Robbins

Following are tables on Ectoparasites, Endoparasites, and Viruses and Bacteria found in rats and mice.

Common Ectoparasites (outside)

TypeNameCommon NameRatMouseSite
MDemodex spp.
D. musculi (mice)
mange++fur, follicle
LHoplopleura pacificarat lice+-fur
MMyobia musculifur mite-+fur
MMyocoptes musculinusfur mite-+fur
MNotoedres murisear mange mite+-fur, ear
MOrnithonyssus bacotiO. bacoti
blood-sucking mite,
tropical rat mite,
Mesostigmatid mite
LPolyplax spinulosarat lice+-fur
LPolyplax serratalice-+fur
MPsorergates simplesfollicle mite-+follicle
MRadfordia affinismouse fur mite-+fur
MRadfordia ensiferarat fur mite+-fur
MTrichoecius romboutsimouse fur mite-+fur
Type=F (fungus), L (lice), M (mite)

Common Endoparasites (inside)

TypeNameCommon NameRatMouseSite
NAspicularis tetrapteramouse pinworm-+Large intestine
PChilomastix bettencortiC. bettencorti++Cecum, colon
CCryptosporidium muris; Cryptosporidium parvumC. muris; C. parvum; Sporozoans ++Stomach; small intestine
CEimeria falciformis; Eimeria hansonorum; Eimeria ferrisiEnteric Coccidia -+Small intestine; cecum; small intestine
CEimeria nieschlzi; Eimera seperataEnteric Coccidia+- Small intestine; cecum, colon 
AEntamoeba murisE. muris, Mouse Sarcodines++Large intestine
PGiardia murisG. muris, Giardia++Small Intestine
THymenolepis nana/Rodentolepis nanadwarf tapeworm++ Small Intestine
CKlossiella muriscoccidia-+Kidney
PSpironucleus murisS. muris++Small Intestine
NSyphacia murisrat pinworm+-Large intestine
NSyphacia obvelatamouse pinworm-+Large intestine
TTaenia taeniaformiscat tapeworm++Liver
PTritrichomonas murisT. muris++Large intestine
NTrichosomoides crassicaudarat bladder threadworm+-Bladder
Type=A (amoeba), C (coccidia), N (nematode), P (protozoan), T (tapeworm)

See the next table for “Table of Rat and Mouse Viruses and Bacteria A–Z” (Dr. Booth’s note: some names may have changed, DNA has been sequenced)

Table Of Rat and Mouse Viruses and Bacteria A–Z

TypeNameAbbrev./Common NameRatMouseSystem Involved
DAdenovirus, Mouse adenovirusMAd-1/MAD1, MAd-2/MAD2, MAV++ Respiratory, Digestive
BBacillus piliformis now known as Clostridium piliformeTyzzer’s Disease+ +Digestive
BBordetella bronchisepticaB. bronchiseptica++Respiratory
BChlamydia psittaciC. psittaci-+Respiratory
BChlamydia trachomatisC. trachomatis-+Respiratory
BCilia-Associated Respiratory Bacillus CAR/CAR bacillus/CARB; usually with M. pulmonis infection+-Respiratory
BCitrobacter freundii (Biotype 4280)C. freundii-+Digestive
BCitrobacter rodentiumC. rodentium-+Digestive
BClostridium perfringers type D (mice)Enterotoxemia-+Digestive
BClostridium piliforme (Tyzzer’s Disease) CPIL, TYZ/Tyzzer/Tyzzer’s Disease++Digestive
BCorynebacterium kutscheriC. kutscheri, Pseudotuberculosis++ Respiratory, Skin/Joint
DEctromelia Virus (mouse pox)Ect/ECTRO, mouse pox, ectromelia- +Skin/Joint
BEncephalitozoon cuniculiE. cuniculi, E. Cun.+ +CNS
BEnteropathogenic Escherichia coliEPEC-+Digestive
BEperythrozoon coccoidesE. coccoides-+Blood
DH-1 VirusH-1, Toolans’ H-1+-Multiple
BHaemobartonella murisH. muris+-Blood parasite
RHantavirusesHan., Hantavirus, Hantaan Virus++/- Multiple
BHelicobacter spp.Helicobacter spp.++Digestive
 Infectious Diarrhea of Infant RatsIDIR+- Digestive
DK Virus, Mouse pneumonitis virusK Virus, K-+ Respiratory
DKilham Rat VirusKRV+-Multiple
BKlebsiella oxytocaK. oxytoca-+Respiratory, Urogenital
BKlebsiella pneumoniaeK. pneumoniae++Respiratory
RLactic Dehydrogenase-Elevating VirusLDV, LDEV-+ Blood
BLeptospira interrogans serovar ballumL. interrogans serovar ballum-+ Urogenital
RLymphocytic Choriomeningitis VirusLCMV, LCM++ CNS, Blood
DMinute Virus of MiceMVM (MMV)-+Multiple
DMouse cytomegalovirusMCMV-+Digestive
RMouse Encephalomyelitis VirusTheilovirus, TMEV-+CNS
RMouse Hepatitis VirusMHV-+ Respiratory, Digestive
RMouse mammary tumor virusesMMTV-+Skin/Joint
?Mouse papule virus (similar to mousepox)-+Skin/Joint
DMouse parvovirus (was mouse orphan parvovirus)MPV-+ Digestive
RMouse Poliomyelitis VirusM. Polio-+CNS
RMouse rotavirus (Epidemic Diarrhea of Infant Mice/Epizootic Diarrhea of Infant Mice EDIM)MRV, EDIM-+Digestive
DMouse Thymic Necrosis Virus/Mouse Thymic Virus (a herpes virus)MTV, MTLV; Thymic Virus-+Digestive, respiratory
RMurine Leukemia VirusesMuLVs-+Blood
RMurine norovirus; Mouse norovirusMNV-+Digestive
BMycohaterium avium-intracellulareM. avium-intracellulare-+ Respiratory
BMycoplasma arthritidisM. arthritidis++Skin/Joint
BMycoplasma collisM. collis++Respiratory
BMycoplasma murisM. muris-+Urogenital
BMycoplasma neurolyticumM. neurolyticum-+Respiratory
BMycoplasma pulmonisM. pulmonis, CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease)+ +Respiratory
BPasteurella pneumotropicaP. pneumotropica++ Respiratory, Skin/Joint
FPneumocystis carinii (was Rat Respiratory Virus)P. carinii+- Respiratory
FPneumocystis wakefieldiae (was Rat Respiratory Virus)P. wakefieldiae+ -Respiratory
FPneumocystis murina (was Rat Respiratory Virus)P. murina-+ Respiratory
RPneumonia Virus of MicePVM++Respiratory
DPolyoma Virus, Polyomavirus, mouse polyoma virusPolyoma, Poly, K virus -+Multiple
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
P. aeruginosa++Digestive
RRat Coronavirus (a strain of sialodacryoadenitis virus)RCV+- Respiratory
DRat Minute VirusRMV 1a, 1b, 1c+-Multiple
DRat Parvovirus 1 and 2RPV-1, RPV-2+-Multiple
RRat rotavirus-like agentRVLA+-Digestive
RRat theilovirusRTV, RTV1+-CNS
RReovirus-3Reo 3++Digestive
DRodent AdenovirusR. Adeno++Respiratory
DRodent cytomegalovirusesMCMV++Multiple
Salmonella enteritidis
S. enteritidis++Digestive
RSendai VirusSEN, Sendai, SV++Respiratory
RSialodacryoadenitis virusSDAV+-Respiratory
BSpironucleus murisS. muris++Digestive
BStaphylococcus aureusUlcerative dermatitis++Skin/Joint
BStaphylococcus xylosusUlcerative dermatitis+-Skin/Joint
BStreptobacillus moniliformisS. moniliformis, Rat Bite Fever/Haverhill Fever+ -Skin/Joint
BStreptococcus spp.
Pneumoniae in rats, types A & D in mice
S. pneumoniae+ +Respiratory
BStreptococcus pyogenesS. pyogenes-+Respiratory
RTheiler’s Mouse Encephalomyelitis or GD7, Theiler's VirusTMEV (GDVII) ++CNS
Type=B (bacteria), D (DNA Virus), F (fungus), R (RNA Virus)
System=CNS (Central Nervous System)
Light blue highlighted rows are infectious agents commonly tested for

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