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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2012

2012 Issue available online to members.

2012, Volume 29: 4 Issues in 1!
2012, No. 1–4; 112 pages
WSSF 2012
Sold Out 2012
New Stud Names. Vet Referrals. Letters. Rat Billiards. Dalmatian & Variegated Rats: Test Breeding For Genetics. AFRMA Display–Holiday Pet Expo. Beginners’ Corner–Making A Terrarium For Rats; Dig Box For Rats; Litter Box Training Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Orphan Field Mice. Critter Critiques–Hide-N-Sleep® Review. Rats and Mice Around the World–Základní organizace Chovatelů morčat a jiných drobných hlodavců (ZO) - The Basic Organization of Breeders of Guinea pigs and Other Small Rodents (Czech Cavy Club including rats, hamsters, and mice). Shows & More–Wants To Learn How To Judge Rats; Wants To Show; Texas Shows; Goal To Show. Colors & Coats–Essex Roan Rats; Roan or Merle Rats?; Chinchilla, Roan, or ?? Rat; Chinchilla Rat Genetics. Gray No More. Kids Korner. Vaginal Atresia In Mice. Medical–Son With Rat Bite Fever; Diseases From Rats. AFRMA Display–2012 America’s Family Pet Expo. Beginners’ Corner–Rat Neutering Pros and Cons. Critter Critiques–Cell-Sorb Plus® Bedding Review. Rocket Mouse. Colors & Coats–Outcome Of Rat Breeding: Berkshire x Berkshire; Berkshire Or Irish Rat? Rats and Mice Around the World–South Eastern Mouse Club, U.K. (SEMC). Breeding & Stuff–MIA Baby Rat. AFRMA Display–Fido, Friends & Food Truck Festival. Rat vs. Mouse/Russian Blue Rat vs. Blue Mouse. Shows & More–Wants To Start Club In North Carolina; Standardizing Capped-Stripe Rats, Showing Unstandardized; Getting Added To Breeder List. Color Me page. Seeing Spots: Dalmatian Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Biting Mouse/Service Mouse. Medical–Keep Rat From Pulling Stitches Out. Pet Projects–Making Custom Lids and Clips. Blue Mimic Mice. Color Me page. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Colors & Coats–Determining Father Of Litter: Self or Essex? Rats and Mice Around the World–Český klub myší o. s. (CZMC) - Czech Mice Club. Our Pets & Friends–Elmo. It’s In The Teeth 2. Breeding & Stuff–New Rat Looking Pregnant. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Shows & More–Judging PEW Rats. Baby Mouse Development. Beginners’ Corner–Burning Herbal Candle; Holistic Methods On Rats; Update On Cage Door Problem. Medical–Contagions Between Mice And Rats. Colors & Coats–Difference Between Variegated, Dalmatian, Bareback, and Essex Rats. Pet Projects– Dog Treat Recipes. Rats and Mice Around the World–Scottish Mouse Club (SMC). Mr. Darcy Mice. Kids Korner–Goodbye Jones. Critter Critiques–Swheat Stall® Bedding Review. Bronze Age Mouse. Shows & More–New York Affiliate?; Vegas Shows?; AFRMA Shows In Louisiana; Entering A Show. AFRMA Display–2012 Pecan Festival. Breeding & Stuff–Kinked Tail Baby Mice; Mice Too Old To Have Babies; Deaf Mouse. Medical–Rat With Vaginal Bleeding; Injured Tail. Beginners’ Corner–Peanut Butter To Put On Weight; Thin Mouse. Laughing Rats. Colors & Coats–Head Spots On Rats; Marked Siamese? Siamese Rat With Head Spot?; White Head Spot = Variegated? Extinct Giant Rat. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2012. Kids Korner–A Family Of Mice. Breeding & Stuff–Homemade Formula For Baby Mice. Time. In Memory: Kelli Boka. Highlights from the 2012 Board Meetings. AFRMA Web News. Show Reports. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2012 Rat. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2012 Mouse. 2012 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. 2012 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. In Memory: Wanda Wilson (2005). Ascensions. Breeder’s Directory. Club Listings For Show Locations; Looking For Breeders Near You; Looking For Rescues Near You; Starting A Club; AFRMA Shows In Other Locations.

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