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This article is from the Holiday 1997 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.


A Christmas Tail

By A. Noni Mouse
Illustrations by Lorryta Bowker

Mouse at window

A little mouse
Was snug in his house
On a winter’s night so cold.
When up in the sky
The mouse, he did spy
An unusual sight to behold.

Mouse at window

Flying around
Then landing aground
8 creatures he did see.
In circles they flew
But why? Who knew!
In his field they came to be.

Mouse at window

“Oh my!” he said
“I see a bright sled”
Flying behind those deer
And snug in the sled
All dressed up in red
“A man, so jolly I hear.”

St. Nick

Poor old St. Nick
Was in a big fix
His way he must soon find.
“I’m off my set path
The night, it won’t last
Deliveries are way behind.”

St. Nick & mouse

“I sure can be
Of some help, you see”
Our little mouse did say
“I can help you out
To find your lost route
If I may ride in your sleigh.”

Mouse on sled

With a hip-hop
A skip and a bop
The mouse jumped in the sled
They rose in the sky
“Oh my, see us fly”
To deliver while kids are in bed.

Sled in sky

Big towns, to small
The mouse saw them all
As Santa delivered his toys
The whole world whisked by
In the blink of an eye
Dropping off gifts, oh what joys.

Mouse on sled

The whole trip through
The mouse found he knew
The path to each and every house
Santa was impressed
He’d never have guessed
To get such great help from a mouse.

Down the chimney

When Santa went down
To put presents around
The trees all dressed up bright
The mouse, he went too
“Just what do we do?”
What he found was quite a sight.

Mouse at tree

The colors bright
And oh, sparkly light
All red and green and blue
Stockings to fill
Watch out, don’t spill
And gifts all fancy and new.

Gifts at tree

In each house a prize
To mouse’s surprise
A plate with cookies and milk
These Santa enjoyed
While he doled out the toys
And the mouse got the crumbs that spilt.

As the sky turned red
Kids woke from their beds
And Santa, the mouse he took back
“From now on I take
To navigate
A mouse friend to keep me on track.”

Santa thanks mouse

That day to this
Santa won’t miss
Taking a mouse in his sleigh.
Then he must just ask
The way to his path
So he’ll quickly find his way.

Santa with map

So if your mouse
Is gone from your house
On Christmas Eve—don’t fear
He’s lending a hand
To St. Nick, it’s grand
He’s helping to spread the good cheer. *

Mouse hole

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