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Following are articles found in the magazines. There can also be found our regular features such as: Letters, Show Reports, Stud Names, Breeders’ Directories, and others.

1997, Volume 14
SALE! $3 Winter 1997
Vet Referrals. The Holiday Visitor. Mouse Adventures. Colors & Coats–Mystery Mice; Merle Hooded; Odd-Eyes. Rats and Mice Around the World–Rattenclub Berlin-Brandenburg. Our Pets & Friends–Chance: The Story of a Rescue Rat. Breeding & Stuff–Hairless Rat Babies; Males Help Raise Babies; Pedigreed Rat; Babies Savagely Killed/Tailless Mice. There are Good Rats and Mice. Beginners’ Corner–Rat Biting His Forepaws; Newspaper for Bedding; Newspaper as Bedding/Rabbit Pellets as Bedding; Needs Cages. Pet Projects–Warm Winter Salad; Sweet Treaters. Rat Genetics–The “What If” Chart. Critter Critiques–Ferret Castle for your Rats; Odor Gone. Medical–Mouse Milk Update; Ivermectin Update. Gallery of Photos.
SALE! $3 Spring 1997
Rug Rat Report #1 (for kids). Vet Referrals. “Fancy” What Does It Mean? Book Signing Bash. Our Pets & Friends–Baby. Breeding & Stuff–Aggressive Female; Baby Mice; Male Rats Eating Young. Rats and Mice Around the World–The Club of Rat Fanciers and Breeders of Germany (VdRDe.V.). Scabs... Diet or ????? Medical–Ivermectin Treatment for Pinworms. Pet Projects–How To Teach The Rat To Fetch Things. Colors & Coats–Long Haired Fancy Rat; Cream/Fawn Mice; Restriction Gene; Odd Blue Color; Tailless Mice. Our Search For Exotic Pets. Ethics. News Flash! Helpful Hints–Flavoring Tylan. Beginners’ Corner–Housing New Rat; Tail Came Off; Bugs.
Summer I
Summer I 1997
Vet Referrals. The Color Safir. PetLine–Get Your Pet On TV! Helpful Hints–Out and About With Our Furry Friends. Beginners’ Corner–Mice Living In Dirt; Rat Balls; Difference Between Rats and Mice. Mice! Pet Projects–Put A Lid On It-An Aquarium, That Is. Medical–Carmen Jane Booth, D.V.M. biographical sketch; Gentocin. Critter Critiques–Smart Mouse Trap. Breeding & Stuff–Mouse Breeding Problem; Breeding Mice; Mouse Goes Nuts. Just What WON’T I Do For My Critters? Poem–Spots ’n Stripes. Colors & Coats–Siamese Sable Mice; Siamese Sable Fox.
Summer II
SALE! $3 Summer II 1997
Vet Referrals. The Blessing of the Animals. Rats and Mice Around the World–Friends of Fancy Rats=Tamråttans Vänner. Banded Mice. Amazing Rat Tales. Beginners’ Corner–Mice Invading House; Stop Chewing Wires; Mouse Questions. Our Pets & Friends–Wild and Free. Book Review–Fuzzy Creatures Quarterly – Rats. Some Fair Comments from the Orange County Fair. Crossword Puzzle. Pet Projects–10 Things to do with Shredded Paper. Medical–C-Section Information. AFRMA Displays. Colors & Coats–Reverse Siamese Mice; Hairless Rats – Special Care? Helpful Hints–Hot Weather Tips. On The Show Bench–What is Condition? AFRMA Highlights.
SALE! $3 Fall 1997
Vet Referrals. CareFRESH Ultra. Our Pets & Friends–Pebbles. Poem–Haunted House. Rats For Adoption Flyer. Colors & Coats–Cap-Stripe Lethal? Poem–Rats. The Color Honung. Breeding & Stuff–Inbreeding. Poem–Count Ratula. Kids Korner–Mouse Questions. Pet Projects–Raisin Boxes; Cereal Box Bonanza. Mouse Multiplication Mania. Medical–Lice Infestation in Mice; Respiratory Problems in Mice. News Flash!–Bidding for Bad Mice. Beginners’ Corner–Chatter Mouse; Strange Rat Behavior; Mouse Houses and Toys. Think Before You Breed–Know The Facts BEFORE Breeding Your Rat or Mouse. Ascensions–Duffy Mouse. AFRMA Special Raffles.
SALE! $3 Holiday 1997
Poem–A Christmas Tail. Beginners Corner–Chewing Rats; Showing Rats and Mice. Holiday Book Review–Ben’s Christmas Carol, The Mouse Before Christmas, A Carol for Christmas. The Red Mouse. Our Pets & Friends–Spottie Guy. Breeding & Stuff–Breeding Mice. Pet Projects–Wrap It Up. Colors & Coats–Darkening Siamese; Blue Point Siamese; Fertility Mystery. A Friend for Bunny. Puzzle: Maze. Tipper’s Good Deed. Medical–Taking Mice To The Vet; Mouse Problems; Illness in Rat Bites and Feces? Great Gifts For Your Furry Friends.

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