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This article is from the Winter 1997 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.


Mouse Adventures

By A. Noni Mouse

The weather cold
The food so scarce
The little mouse so hungry
Shelter he did find,
To his surprise
Inside a house so comfy.

But will it have
Some food he thought
Enough to fill my tummy?
Best to see, so off I be
To find some food a running.

A bird he found
While running ’round
Who had some seeds to scatter
Yummy said he, now full I be
So off to explore I scamper.

From room to room
He roamed around
To see what there was to see
With luck and surprise, he was quick to surmise
That in a fanciers home was he.

In rows and rows
On shelves and tops
Lines of tanks and cages he did find
Filled with hamsters and mice, and rats oh so nice
In every color and type and kind.

I’ll see said he
If there’s mouse friends for me
So up on the cages he climbed
To go from lid to lid, with a hop and a grin
Leaving his mark behind.

Many friends he found
They were all around
But how strange they seemed to be
With their great big eyes, and their very huge size
And their accents all cockney.

Their ears, oh my
They are so high
So delicate, big, and so round!
“We’re English, that’s why.” they said with a cry
Show mice in AFRMA we abound.

In time the mouse
Discovered the house
Had other roommates to boot.
Humans were here, but our friend had no fear
For they didn’t so much as say scoot.

He watched them now and then
Tap at a box in the den
And frequently holler and scream
What is it they do, he wished he knew
Computer? Now what does that mean?

But then one day
While visiting friends
All snug in their nice plastic house
Their home flew up, with a clank and a thump
Afraid was our poor little mouse.

What’s happening to me
The little mouse cried
As the humans carried him out of their house
And into a car, to drive him so far
Bumpity bump, thump thump, ouch ouch.

But then at the end
Of the long bumpy ride
The lid of the cage opened wide
Grass, bushes, and trees, the mouse shouted with glee
Plenty of places to hide.

So out he did jump
With a skip and a hop
To see what there was to see
Good-bye he said to his big English friends
More adventures he knew there would be.

And then next to a rock
To his surprise and his shock
A lady mouse he happened to spy
Oh my, he did blush, “Her fur is so plush”
As she coyly winked her eye.

He now happily lives
With his new girlfriend
All snug in their wild mouse house
Telling tales of his venture to avid mouse listeners
The offspring of him and his spouse. *

English & Wild mice
A Blue English mouse in front owned by Nancy Ferris, the wild mouse in the back.

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