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This article is from the Winter 1997 AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine.

Pet Projects

Warm Winter Salad; Sweet Treaters

By Nichole Royer

Warm Winter Salad

Use any combination and quantity of the following:

  • Sliced: kale, snow peas, mushrooms, parsley, endive, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, any dark lettuce, beans
  • Grated: cucumber, squash, carrots
  • Frozen/thawed: mixed vegetables, peas, carrots
  • Cooked and warm, but not hot: pasta, any type

Mix any combination and quantity of the vegetables, then warm the mixture in the microwave until it is warm through, but not hot. Serve over pasta. This is great to warm up those little tummies on cold winter days. This mixture can be frozen and warmed up as needed.

Sweet Treaters


  • Toilet Paper Tube
  • Hole Punch
  • Piece of String
  • Small Spoon
  • Molasses or Honey
  • Grain Mix

On one end of the toilet paper tube punch two holes. Run the string through the holes and tie it so that you have an end free to hang the tube with. Put a small amount of molasses or honey on the back of the spoon and insert it into the tube. When the spoon is half way into the tube, press the molasses or honey onto the tube and rotate the spoon. The idea is to have a small one inch strip of molasses around the inside of the tube. Remove the spoon and hold the tube with one end covered by the palm of your hand. Pour a small handful of grain mix into the open end, then cover it with your other hand. Shake. Remove both hands and gently empty out the remaining seeds. This will leave a strip of seeds stuck to the molasses inside the tube. Hang the tube in an inaccessible location in your rats’ cage and sit back to watch the fun. I do not recommend giving lots of sweet goodies, so keep the amount of molasses/honey small, and only give them this toy occasionally.

In the wild, rats spend much time and energy hunting for food. They have to be creative and somewhat destructive in the process. Our domestic rats typically have no such opportunities. Despite being well fed, my rats always seem to welcome the chance to search for their treats, particularly if it involves destroying something in the process. *

Updated April 19, 2014