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AFRMA Fancy Rats - Non-Recognized Colors, Markings, & Coats

Some miscellaneous colors, markings, and coats of rats that have been produced by AFRMA breeders/seen at AFRMA shows but never standardized. There are many more out there.

See the AFRMA Official Color Standards Rat book for more.

Note: The pictures on this page are not meant to be true representatives of the animal’s color. Because of differences in monitors (CRT/LCD) and how the monitor is adjusted, the colors may be different. Seeing in person is always best.

Velvet  Harley 

VELVET - Coat 30, color 20
The coat to be soft, short, and plush similar to Rex rabbits. Russian Blue came from these rats; Blue-Beige, Silver Blue, Russian Fawn, Russian Silver, Russian Platinum came from Russian Blue; these colors have ticking/heathering and a different feel to their coats. Eye color to match base color.

[Accepted into Unstandardized July 18, 2009; removed from Accepted Proposed Unstd. December 1, 2012, and moved to Non-Recognized due to lack of entries.]

Genetics: unknown (bred as a recessive)

Note: Developed by Karla Barber from very pale bluish beige rats shipped from the East Coast in 1987; coat doesn’t develop until adult; coat has minimal guard hairs so Agouti colors look like a different color than what they are.

Read the information on Velvet Rats.
Blue-Beige Velvet Rat
A Blue-Beige Velvet rat owned and bred by Karla Barber. Photo ©1997 Karla Barber.

Fawn? Velvet Rat
A Fawn? Velvet rat owned and bred by Karla Barber. Photo ©2009 Karen Robbins. This rat had very light ruby eyes.

Russian Blue Agouti Burmese Velvet Rat
A Russian Blue Agouti Burmese Velvet rat owned by Kimberly Millspaugh, bred by Connie & Ken Van Doren. Photo ©2013 Karen Robbins. Coat has minimal ticking so you don’t get the “blue” ticking over the entire rat which makes the color look like a different color
HARLEY - Has a sparse, fine, wispy coat with no undercoat that falls out easily. Reported that most lines have health/breeding issues so not likely to be standardized in AFRMA. If interested in breeding this variety, choose a line without any issues.

Genetics: unknown (recessive gene)

Note: Found in pet shop Sept. 1, 2002, by Debbi J. Needham, Odd Fellows Rattery (OFR), WA. Has a shiny coat like Satins.

More information:
B.E. Himi Harley Rat
B.E. Himalayan Harley Dumbo owned by Jozzette Hagemann, bred by CT Rattery. Photo ©2012 Karen Robbins.

Beige Harley Rat
A Beige Harley Dumbo owned by Kaily Porter, bred by Jeannine Porter. She has a little thicker coat than the one above and has a bare spot on the side of her face. Photo ©2015 Karen Robbins.

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