American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2005

2005 Issue available online to members.

2005, Volume 22: 4 Issues in 1!
2005, No. 1–4; 72 pages
WSSF 2005
Sold Out 2005
Vet Referrals. Rat Ban. Sirius Black, the Mouse. Milton Remembers. Beginners’ Corner–Pet Shop Lowdown. Rats and Mice Around the World–Club of decorative Krysovodstva (KDK) (Saint Petersburg’s Fancy Rat Club—Russia). Squeaky Goes to England, part 2. Critter Critiques–Super Pet® “My First Home” Rat Cage. Medical–Bugs On Mice/Mites—Ectoparasite Infestations in Rodents. Kids Korner–The Fun Escape. Breeding & Stuff–Special Treatment for Pregnant Mouse? Colors & Coats–Question About Siamese Rats; Where To Start. Beginners’ Corner–Rat Maze/Rat Vision; Color Blind Rodents. Rats and Mice Around the World– Mice Club Poland. Critter Critiques–Tecniplast Mouse House. Poem: Rats. Medical–Ringworm on Mice. Color Me page. Puzzle: Maze. Kids Q & A–Lifesavers Rat. My First Show. Critter Critiques–Ancare’s “Bottle” House. Choosing Your New Pet Rats.... Breeding & Stuff–Waltzing Mathilda Mouse. Medical–Unsteady Mouse; Hydrogen Peroxide on Mice; Swollen Vulva on Mouse. Beginners’ Corner–Lump on Mouse; Biting Rat. The Agouti & Cinnamon Rats. Colors & Coats–New Rat Variety?; Reverse Hooded? Some Fair Comments. Rats and Mice Around the World–Dansk Rotteforening (Danish Rat Association) [Ed. Note: is now the Dansk Tamrotte (Danish Pet Rat Forum)]. Critter Critiques–Otto Environmental Housing. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Breeding & Stuff–Putting Male Mouse Back; Rat Nursing Other Critters. Kids Q & A–Where Are The Shows? Siamese, If You Please; Musical Rats. My Start in the Rat Fancy. Medical–No Pep/Sneezing/Humping Rat. Beginners’ Corner–General Rat Info Needed. An English Mouse Show. Breeding & Stuff–Kids Looking for Advice on Breeding Fancy Mice and Rats. Capped Breeding 101. Rats and Mice Around the World–Nederlandse Muizenfokkers Club (Netherlands Mouse Club, now known as the Rural Association of Small Rodents). Puzzle: Matching. Color Me page. Highlights from the Board Meetings. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2005.

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