American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2006

2006 Issue available online to members.

2006, Volume 23: 4 Issues in 1!
2006, No. 1–4; 72 pages
WSSF 2006
Sold Out 2006
Vet Awarded Top Honors (Dr. Joseph Bock). Showing In Europe. Vet Referrals. Fear Factor. Beginners’ Corner–Junk Food Junkies. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2006. Rats and Mice Around the World–Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub (The Rat Club of the Netherlands). Medical–Blue Rat Bleeding Disorders; Blue Rats With Hemophilia. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Breeding & Stuff–Ear Set on Mice. Groups. Information Update On Nebulizing Rats With Respiratory Viruses. Movie Review–Flushed Away. Colors & Coats– Breeding Blue Point Siamese Rats. Critter Critiques–Rat Nail Trimmer. Beginners’ Corner–Rat Cage Bar Spacing. Medical–Mouse with Eye Problem. Rats and Mice Around the World–German Fancy Rat Society Berlin (GFRSB). Our Pets &Friends–Tripod. Primer for Excellent Tempered Rats. Highlights from the Board Meetings. Thank You to the Participants in the 2005 Special Drawing. Breeding & Stuff–Mice Won’t Reproduce; Breeding Mice. Beginners’ Corner–Convert Rabbit Shed to Mouse Shed; High Class Rat. The Great Shipment. American vs. English. Medical–Mycoplasma Vaccine? Some Fair Comments. Puzzle: Maze. Color Me page. Kids Q & A–Biting “Ratty.” Common Dental Problems In Rodents: Treatment & Prevention. Colors & Coats–Fox Mice & Merle Rats. A To Do List: Preparing for a Show. Beginners’ Corner–Mouse Senses; Mouse Sensory System; Traveling Rats. Kids Q & A–Chocolate + Albino = ? Selective Breeding. Medical–Can Parrots Pass SDA to Rats?; Cardiac Problem in Rats. Dr. Donnelly Awarded. Color Me page. Critter Critiques–Tecniplast Lab Cages. Poem: For Olaf...With Loving Memories. Ascensions.

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