American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2009

2009 Issue available online to members.

2009, Volume 26: 4 Issues in 1!
2009, No. 1–4; 80 pages
WSSF 2009
Sold Out 2009
Stud Names. Thank You to our 2009 O.C. Fair Helpers. Letters. Vet Referrals. Questions on Basic Genetics: Basic genetics most relevant to rat breeders. Beginners’ Corner–Mice With No Whiskers; New Mouse Companion; Needs Mouse Statistics. Book Review–The Tale of the Swamp Rat. Rats and Mice Around the World–Estuary Rat Club. Critter Critiques–Super Pet® Igloo Houses Review. Medical–Rat With Mycoplasma or Allergies. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2009. Kids Q & A–Smelly Mice. Colors & Coats–Black Rats and Silvering; Silver Black Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Russian Blue Bleeding Problem. Color Me page. The Naming of Rats. Hero Rats. Colors & Coats–Wants to Know More About Genetics/Genotypes of Mice; Genotypes of Wild Rodents. Critter Critiques–Super Pet® Deluxe My First Home Large for Exotics Cage Review. Beginners’ Corner–Get Another Rat?; Looking For Rat Vet. Medical–Sniffling Mice; Growths on Rat. Lilac U.S. vs. Dove U.K. DVD Review–Rats: The Great Underrated Pet. Rats and Mice Around the World– Marked Fancy Rat Club. Oats are Oats, Right? Breeding & Stuff–Type Question: Square Butts on Rats. Color Me page. Propagation of a New or Rare Variety. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Beginners’ Corner–Contaminated Rats; Looking For Deaf Small Mouse. Critter Critiques–Oxbow Timothy Bungalow Review. Rat Bones. Medical–Rats & Lyme Disease; Draining Tumors. E-Book Review–My First Pet Rats. Ratty Lettuce. AFRMA Display–2009 Orange County Fair. Kids Q & A–Wild Mice. Breeding & Stuff–Amount to Hand Feed Orphan Baby Rats. AFRMA Web News. Colors & Coats–Dumbo Rat Ears. Color Me page. Rats and Mice Around the World– German Fancy Mouse & Hamster Association. Medical–Rat Bite Fever; Update On My Rat Project: Blue Rat Bleeding Disorders/Blue Rats With Hemophilia; Russian Blue Bleeding Problem. Colors & Coats–Breeding Champagne & Platinum Rats; Silver Blue Agouti or Russian Silver Agouti Rats?; Hereford Mouse Question. Critter Critiques–Buddy Biscuits® Dog Biscuits Review. Beginners’ Corner–Fancy Mouse & Rat Lover; Vitamin C For Rats; Natal Rats. Breeding & Stuff– Huge Rats, ID for Rats, Mothers Eating Young. Highlights from the 2009 Board Meetings. 2009 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. Show Reports. 2009 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. In Memory: Brian Shafer. Ascensions, Announcements, Arrivals. Special Announcements. Breeder’s Directory.

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