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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2017

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2017, Volume 34: 4 Issues in 1!
2017, No. 1–4; 58 pages
WSSF 2017
Press Release: PetSmart to Acquire Chewy. New Stud Names. Blueberries Build Bones In Rats. Letters. Seoul Hantavirus. Felted Crafts; Other Crafts. Vet Referrals. Mouse Keeping: Trip To England For The National Mouse Club Annual Show, September 1989. Beginners’ Corner–Cut The Stink. Colors & Coats–Indonesia Red Capped Rat. Color Me page. Shows & More–History Of The Fancy: Clubs In The U.S. 1898–1960. Coloring Books; Journal. Medical–Rat Breathing Fast. Breeding & Stuff–Waxy Plug After Breeding. Continuous Light = Tumors. Colors & Coats–New Rosette/Abyssinian Coat Mice. Beginners’ Corner–Organic Rat Food; Looking For Organic Lab Mouse Diet. Shows & More–Becoming A Registered Rattery In Canada; Becoming A Registered Mouse Breeder In Canada. It’s In The Teeth: 3. Colors & Coats–Colors In Litter: Wants Siamese, Russian Blue, Agouti. AFRMA Display–2017 America’s Family Pet Expo. Breeding & Stuff–Unexpected Babies. Colors & Coats–Two-Tone Mouse; Mouse Changing Color. Medical–Prolapsed Penis on Rat. Color Me page. Rats and Mice Around the World–South African Fancy Rat Club (SAFRC). Beginners’ Corner–Rats and Asthma. Special Announcement–Azrielle Harmony Hagemann. High Salt = More Females. AFRMA Display–2017 Duck Daze. Colors & Coats–Breeding Topaz (Fawn) to Black Roan. Helpful Hints–More Hot Weather Tips. Mighty Mice. Shows & More–Registering Rats To Track Lines. Colors & Coats–Mouse With Points. Breeding & Stuff–Wild Species Interbreed? Medical–Genital Growth. Beginners’ Corner–Nibbling Mouse. Rat Vision. Colors & Coats–Drastic Color Change In Rat. Breeding & Stuff–Type Question: Change of Rat Structure. Color Me page. Roan Rat: Presentation Towards Unstandardized, November 4, 2017. Shows & More–Facebook Album Name Change. Colors & Coats–Hairless Mice Grow Hair. Beginners’ Corner–Rat/Hamster Hybrid? Shows & More–BIS Rat Qualities; 2017 Rat Color Standards Book. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2017. Breeding & Stuff–Just Found Wild Baby Mouse. Giant Vika Rat. Colors & Coats–Mixed Colors of Rats. Worms In Wild Rats. AFRMA Web News. Happy Rats. Highlights from the 2017 Board Meeting. No Pain. Show Reports. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2017 Rat. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2017 Mouse. 2017 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. 2017 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. Ascensions. Breeder’s Directory. Club Listings For Show Locations; Looking For Breeders Near You; Looking For Rescues Near You; Starting A Club; AFRMA Shows In Other Locations.

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