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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2011

2011 Issue available online to members.

2011, Volume 28: 4 Issues in 1!
2011, No. 1–4; 88 pages
WSSF 2011
Sold Out 2011
New Stud Names. Letters. Chimera Mouse. In Case of Emergency! Rats Rescued. Beginners’ Corner–Looking For Mouse Trainers; Wants To Start A Rescue; Looking For Scientific Mouse Literature. Critter Critiques–Rice Hull Bedding Review. Kids Q & A–New Mouse Owner. Breeding & Stuff–How Pregnant Is My Rat? Medical–Blue Rat With Nosebleeds; Blue Rat Bleeding From Injuries. Pet Projects–Making Rat Lab Block Wire Feeders. Colors & Coats–Odd Color Spot On Rat; History Of Velvet Rats; Spontaneous Blue Rat. Beginners’ Corner–Housing For Rats—Solid Cages vs. Wire Cages; Plastic Bin For Housing/Single Rat. Breeding & Stuff–Orphan Mouse Won’t Eat; Mom Rat Won’t Take Care Of Babies. Rat, Not Cow. AFRMA Display–2011 America’s Family Pet Expo. Color Me page. Medical–Multimammate Rat With Lumps. Pet Projects–Candy Boxes. It’s In The Teeth. Kids Q & A–Escaping Mice. Tips On Starting A Club. Colors & Coats–Dove Mouse With Cream Belly; Light Champagne Mouse; Blue-Beige vs. Russian Beige Rat Terminology. Beginners’ Corner–What Is The Best Rat Food?; Rat Won’t Take Treats. AFRMA Display–2011 Orange County Fair. Medical–Hairless Rat Self-Mutilating Front Leg. Rats and Mice Around the World–Schweizer Kleinnager Zuchtverein (SKZ)(Swiss Small Rodent Breeding Association). Pet Projects–Making Rat Lab Block Metal Feeders. Colors & Coats–Satin Rat Question; Satin Rat Losing Hair. Breeding & Stuff–Type Question: Head Shape On Mouse & Tail Set. Critter Sitter. AFRMA Display–2011 4-H Pet Symposium. Kids Q & A–Sad, Lonely Old Mouse. Colors & Coats–Rat Coats; Wire Haired Rat?; Cornish Rex Rat?; Curly-Coated Rats. Some Ideas On Forming Your Club. Beginners’ Corner–Cage Warning; Overwhelming Mouse Project; Large Litter Of Mouse Babies. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Mouse Sniffers. Kids Q & A–Wants To Get A Rat. Rats and Mice Around the World–Association Francophone des Amateurs de Rongeurs ASBL (AFAR)(French Association ASBL Rodent Lovers). New Living Giant Rat. Color Me page. Pet Projects–Making Mouse Lab Block Feeders. Beginners’ Corner–Orangish Splotches On Rats’ Tails; Rat With White Bumps On Ears; Pine Christmas Tree/Medicating Sick Mouse; Cancerous Mouse Behavior; Rat With Bad Breath; Administering Medication. Colors & Coats–“Snowflake” & “Roaned” Rats; “Snowflake” Rat; New Rat Color Known As “Red” In Holland. Beginners’ Corner–Rat With Nervous System Problem. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2011. Highlights from the 2011 Board Meetings. AFRMA Web News. Show Reports. 2011 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. 2011 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. Ascensions. Thanksgiving Treat. Club Listings For Show Locations. Looking For Breeders Near You. Breeder’s Directory.

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