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2015, Volume 32: 4 Issues in 1!
2015, No. 1–4; 106 pages
WSSF 2015
Press Release: Cloud Star and Tiki Brands Merge. New Stud Names. Singing Mice. Press Release: Petco Animal Supplies Acquired. Press Release: New York Small Animal Care Bill. Letters. Lighting Effects. Vet Referrals. Baldness Cures. Colors & Coats–Cashmere vs. Homozygous Rex Rats. Tameness Skull Change; No Link To Markings & Tameness. Improper Care of Animals. Thinking Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Looking For Homemade Rat Diet; Best Lab Blocks For Mice; Feeding Questions. Fiber Needs. Colors & Coats–Inbreeding Causes Red Eyes?; Eye Color In Splashed Mice. AFRMA Display–2015 Butterfly Day. Monster Rat. Spring Chickens. Shows & More–List of Shows; Bristle Coat Rats Now Standardized. Medical–Itching Mice; Rodent Dermatitis on Mice; OCD Scratching Mouse; Wounds From Scratching. Obesity Increases. Colors & Coats–Silver/P.E. Platinum Rat? Rats and Mice Around the World–Fancy Mouse Breeders’ Association (FMBA) (U.S.A.). Respiratory Diseases In Wild Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Smelly Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Progeny of Deer Mice and House Mice. Parenting Is In The Genes. Colors & Coats–Facebook Notes: ID Colors. Color Me page. AFRMA Display–2015 America’s Family Pet Expo. Colors & Coats–Bi-Colored Rats; Genetics of Tri-Colored Mice; Black & White + Brown = Spotted Tan Mouse; Bi-Colored Siamese Rats; Tortoiseshell/Tri-Color Rat; Questions On Tri-Colored Rats. Plague: Gerbils To Blame. Shows & More–Newest Standardized Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Hantavirus In Field Mice? Combining Rats. Colors & Coats–Getting More Dumbo Rats; How To Tell Dumbo Rat Babies In The Nest. Breeding & Stuff–Temperament: Natural or Selection. Rats and Mice Around the World–Heart of England Rat Club (HERC) (U.K.). Colors & Coats–Short Eared Mice, a.k.a. Cobbie; American Fold; Mice With No Ears. Beginners’ Corner–Keeping Rats Outside. Medical–Ear Infection In Rat. Colors & Coats–Lynx Rats. AFRMA Display–2015 Duck Daze. Mosaic vs. Chimera. Rat Grimace Scale. Colors & Coats–Unique Mouse. Breeding & Stuff–FFA Breeding Project. Colony Recognition. Shows & More–Buying Mice At A Show; Wants To Know More About Mouse Shows; Phoenix Shows. Colors & Coats–Dark Phase Pearl? Rat; Color Typing: Dark Phase Pearl? Rat. Rats and Mice Around the World–Malta Rodent Society (MRS). World Travelers. Beginners’ Corner–Keeping Rat In Play Area; Caring For Fancy Mice. Females In Good Condition = More Male Offspring. AFRMA South Central Show–May 16, 2015, Denton Texas. Colors & Coats–Dove, Blue, or Blue Siamese Sable Mouse. Gnaw vs. Chew. Book Review–The Not So Secret Life Of Nimh–A Dumbo Rat. Kids Q & A–5th Grade Rat Questions. Medical–Vaccines For Rats. Beginners’ Corner–Thin Mouse. Colors & Coats–Dwarf Rat Info; Blue Genes Influence Size?; Small Rats. Shows & More–Rat Stamps. Critter Critiques–DooKashi™ Odor Eliminator Review. Breeding & Stuff–Orphan Diarrhea. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Colors & Coats–Weird Russian Blue Rat. Cup of Joe. Rats and Mice Around the World–Danish Mouse & Gerbil (Dansk Mus & Gerbil) (DMG). Special Announcement–DBR Ira. Beginners’ Corner–Wants To Import Rats Into Columbia, South America and Form Club. AFRMA South Central Show–September 26, 2015, Catoosa, Oklahoma. Colors & Coats–Peach Fuzz Hairless Rats; Baby Mouse With Fur Loss; Producing Hairless Rats; Size of Hairless Rats. Sculptures. Medical–Old Mouse. Beginners’ Corner–Antsy Rats. Colors & Coats–Marten Rats. Critter Critiques–CageTech Pelleted Bedding Review. AFRMA Display–2015 4-H Pet & Science Symposium. Colors & Coats–Texel Mice (a.k.a. Long Haired Frizzie). Pet Projects: Making Wire Shelves For Rat Cages. Carrots and Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Mouse Sized Baby Rats. Shows & More–Fairs. Colors & Coats–Platinum Dumbo?; Is This A Platinum or Dove Rat?; Gray Rats: Russian Platinum or ??; Russian Dove, Pearl, or ?? Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2015. Color Me page. Solo Rats. Butter Makes It All Go Down. Beginners’ Corner–Rehome Female Rat or Get New Friends?; Getting New Rat Cagemate. AFRMA Display–2015 Pecan Festival. Colors & Coats–More New Rats: A New Frosted, Spotted Tabby, Siamese Sable, Dapple, Harlequin, Long Hair. In Memory–Robin MacDonald Rogers; Dale Jean Taylor Burkhart. Highlights from the 2015 Board Meetings. 2015 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. 2015 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. Show Reports. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2015 Mouse. Breeder Of The Year Award Totals For 2015 Rat. AFRMA Web News. Breeder’s Directory. Foam Rubber Danger. Club Listings For Show Locations; Looking For Breeders Near You; Looking For Rescues Near You; Starting A Club; AFRMA Shows In Other Locations.

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