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AFRMA Magazine Back Issue - 2008

2008 Issue available online to members.

2008, Volume 25: 4 Issues in 1!
2008, No. 1–4; 96 pages
WSSF 2008
Sold Out 2008
Sweet Dreams. Breeding, Beyond the Basics: Outcrossing, Line Breeding, Inbreeding. Beginners’ Corner–Legal Sepcies of Rodents in California; Introducing Mice; Needs to Board Rats; Male Mice Getting Along. Book Review–Little Rat Makes Music. Spottie Guy Award: AFRMA Pet of the Year 2008. Critter Critiques–Oxbow Eco-Straw Review. Mouse Keeping: The Ideal Type. Medical–Rat Sneezing; Constantly Sneezing Rat. Kids Q & A–Lonely Mouse. Serenading Mice. Thank You To Our Calendar Contest Entrants. Colors & Coats–Apricot, Amber, Silver Fawn Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Very Large Mice. Pet Store Rats & Mice. 2008 Year of the Rat. Color Me page. The Cinnamon Pearl Rat: History Genetics, Breeding. AFRMA Display–2008 America’s Family Pet Expo. Critter Critiques–Coconut Husk Reptile Substrate Review. TV Review–Modern Marvels: RATS. Beginners’ Corner–Fat Mice; Bruxing Mice. Medical–Porphyrin Staining in Rat Eye & Rat Fur Mites. Mouse Keeping: Choosing Mice for Exhibit at a Show. Toes. Colors & Coats–Blue-Beige Rats; Ruby-Eyed Blue Rats; Difference Between Dalmatian and Variegated Rats. Breeding & Stuff–Eyes Open Early in Rats. Living Fossil. Critiques–Onesta Pet Pasta Review. Rats and Mice Around the World–East Coast Mouse Association. N.F.R.S. Breeding & Showing Seminar. Beginners’ Corner–Mice Survive in Heat?; Rat Hiccups vs. Sneezing Fit. Medical–Diabetes in Rats. Mouse Keeping: An Explanation of Somatic Mutations and why they do not breed true. Book Review–The Year of the Rat, Tales from the Chinese Zodiac. Colors & Coats–Making Fawn Rats; Colored Mice. Pet Projects–Rat & Mouse Cookies. Rats and Mice Around the World– Ratgin (Ratten Gilde Nederlands). Puzzle: Maze. Color Me page. AFRMA Display–2008 Orange County Fair. Critter Critiques– Old Mother Hubbard® Just Vegg’n® Dog Biscuits Review. Breeding for Show & Exhibition. Do Unto Others. Beginners’ Corner–Diet & Tumors in Rats. Mouse Keeping: Linkage. Color Me page. Medical–Rat Virus; Soy Milk & Newborn Rats. Colors & Coats–Rex and “Double” Rex Rats. Helpful Hints–Calendar Cards: Instant Rat (or mouse) Records. Rats and Mice Around the World– Fancy Rat Enthusiasts Club (England). 2008 Rat Challenge Trophy Winners. Highlights from the 2008 Board Meetings. 2008 Mouse Challenge Trophy Winners. AFRMA Display–4-H Pet Symposium. Ascensions.

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